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Kokomo Botanical Resort

Our website for tourist reservations. Conveniently located in the heart of sunny Providenciales, our resort is your luxury hub for enjoying all the island offers. We are your curators of island vacation experiences.

The Chefs Table

Fresh. Innovative. Personal.
A unique Providenciales private chef dining experience. Experience culinary creativity, personalized service, and outstanding flavors.

WE Market Cafe

Our market cafe & restaurant for guests, visitors, and investors 😉
It thrives within the vibrant Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa. An open-concept kitchen and bar embody inclusivity, recognizing that the essence of “WE” is intertwined with “YOU.”

Lovina Spa

Relaxing Massages & Ancient Healing Remedies.
Allow your body, mind, and soul to sense a haven of tranquility.

About our investments.

These investments prioritize enhancing the quality of lifestyle rather than a fixed return on investment focus or a focus on buying things. It is a changing perspective familiar to younger investors but becoming more widespread as more people consider what is truly important.

Invest in your free time and make the most of your family time. Instead of buying things, invest in shared experiences and adventure to bring you and your loved ones closer. Lifestyle investing is about putting importance on the things that matter, investing in experiences, not things.

By purchasing a vacation cottage at Kokomo Botanical Resort, you can set aside a future of quality family time as part of prioritizing your quality of life and use this investment to create an avenue for cash flow.

Experience Kokomo First-Hand

Experience Kokomo First-Hand

We invite you to book a tour of Kokomo Botanical Resort. Witness the allure of our cottages, the tranquility of our gardens, and the endless possibilities that await.

Schedule your tour today and receive exclusive insights into the lifestyle and investment potential of owning a cottage at Kokomo.

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31 Downwind Drive, Venetian Road Settlement, Providenciales, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
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